मै तो इक अलफ़ाज़ हूँ माँ..

।।माँ ।।

याद है मुझे
जूतों की डोरियां बांधते वक़्त जब धुप आ गिरती थी मेरे माथे पर,
तो सामने आ खड़ी होती थी तू..
कभी रूठकर तुझसे पलंग के नीचे जा छिपता था मै
तो हाथो में ममता के निवाले लिए घूमती थी तू..
चोट लगे मेरे हर जख्म पर ममता की फूँक है तू..
क्या लिखूं तेरे बारे में
मै तो इक अल्फ़ाज़ हूँ पूरी की पूरी किताब है तू..
याद है मुझे जब मेने तेरी बात नही मानी थी
तेरा हाथ छूड़ाके भागा था मैं और साइकिल वाले ने मेरे टक्कर मार दी थी..
हां और वो भी जब पॉपकॉर्न उठाके खाने के चक्कर में उस पॉपकॉर्न वाले ने मेरा हाथ गर्म चिमटे से जला डाला था और फिर तूने उसे झाँसी की रानी बन इतना फटकारा था की फिर वो फिर पॉपकॉर्न बेचना ही भूल गया 😂😂..
सच में दिन भर धुप में खेलते बच्चे की रात की ठंडी बयार है तू..
क्या लिखूं तेरे बारे में
मै तो इक अलफ़ाज़ हूँ पूरी की पूरी किताब है तू..
बस ये नही याद है मुझे पर सुना है
6 महीने का था में और बीमार बहोत था..
हर दर मंदिर मस्जिद नीम हकीम लेकर घूमी थी तू मुझे
और जब साँसे भारी होने लगी मेरी तो पटक दिया था माता के मंदिर में तूने..
याद तो नही है पर विश्वास है कितना टूट कर रोई होगी तू..
मेरी नसों में दौड़ता ये खून तेरे उन्ही आंसुओ की नमी है माँ..
क्या लिखूं तेरे बारे में मै तो इक अल्फ़ाज़ हूँ पूरी की पूरी किताब है तू माँ..
बस अब ये चाहत है कि..
तेरे शब्द ही मेरी नेमत बन जाये
तेरी खुशियां मेरी मंजिल बन जाये
न पढू किसी तकदीर का लिखा मेँ
बस तू मुस्कुराये और ये खुद ब खुद बुलंद हो जाये
हां याद है मुझे ..
तू मेरी माँ है और मै तेरा बेटा
तो क्या लिखूं तेरे बारे में मैं तो इक अलफ़ाज़ ही रहूँगा
पूरी की पूरी किताब है तू माँ ।।।
तेरा नालायक
अक्षय ✍️

We all are bad in someone’s story

Man is a social animal.
Have you heard it. Of course u had.
Can you please tell me.. what does the word ‘social’ depicts here. Either the term social describes us as a human entity means whatever we do or don’t is the matter of society and nothing personal here, so with that point of view we all must be public figures. And there should not be any line between us and our stars.. sounds amazing..!:) but no actually. We all are not celebrities at all.😔
Or the word social means just being friendly to everyone around us, a little bit cooperative and that’s it. Whatever that ‘pados wale gupta ji (neighboring Mr Gupta)’ is doing in his home is none of our business, isn’t so?

More or less we all are bounded with this so called social word. I wonder how deeply rooted this line is in human conscience.
We literally don’t know how much socialism is needed. What limits should be there. And it is not just about ‘pados wale gupta ji’, it’s more about ourselves. Because whatever we do is normally governed by that famous line ‘ kya kahenge log ( what would people say?)’😉 and then we act in accordance.
Alas! How sad it is.

We all are bad in someone’s story, aren’t we..
I am quite sure this line can do the needful job to reduce the limits of being social or can make it reasonable. We people do everything to look attractive and good. We are much focussed on how we are being seen by the outer world rather than focussing on how we are doing, aren’t we?
And in that order we forget to live our life to the fullest. Look, we can’t have a good face in everyone’s stroy, there may be conflict of interests and may be some misunderstandings which all lead to draw our picture in their book of life. Everyone look at your action with their perception and you can’t fit in all standards.
Somethings are in control of us and at the same time something may be beyond of our control. So stop worrying about it and do whatever your heart tells.
Shift from ‘kya kahenge log (what would people say)’ to ‘kuch to log kahenge ( let them say)’ 😉
We all are blessed with a life which is almost a not so certain journey of 100 years . And if we look at the age of this universe it is in billions. So our hundred years are just as a dot on a large size canvas. And what if we can’t do anything with this dot just like how we want it to be, will be terrible, won’t be.?? We are not coming back on this planet, is that okay. So what are you waiting for!! just do whatever you want, just in the way you want that to happen. Do you have to say anyone what your heart tells then go man..
Without thinking of anyone in mind. Just do.. move on.. world is waiting for surprises. And surprises never going to happen if you are predictable.
And remember We all are bad in someone’s story and it’s that simple.

And what do you think aren’t we bad..??
Comment me below 👇.. I would love to talk you.. Have u forgotten.. man is a social animal..🤣🤣 so I am..

Thank you ✍️

Brother From Another Mother

8:00 am
He is nowhere in class.

8:30 am
He is still nowhere in class.

8:45 am
No, still he is not here.

And just before the lecture came to an end, there is a knock at the door,
“May I come in sir??”
Obviously no must be the answer of this weird question. He has missed the all lecture and now he is asking for permission to get in, no, if you are thinking that he is so sincere person who is only asking to have a seat in class, you are making a mistake. As it was the first lecture so the attendance was to be taken at the end of the lecture and thus the man had appeared 🤗.

“Sorry Sir, but u don’t know what happened to me today.. ”
U might have looked at the face of this guy who pretended like he had risked for his life only to attend the class.
“What” sir asked..
“Bike punctured, have you came across the hell sir, I tell you it was in mid way and the nearest mechanic shop was no less than 5 km from the place. I got to push my bike alone all the way without any help and then I made the puncture and arrived here. Tell me, do you see any of my fault in it.”

We all have a friend like this one who comes always late in class and make “so called genuine” excuses and even managing to mark his presence.

Do you know what blessing is..
“Calling a friend for help even in midnight and he is in front of you like he was already there.” The real blessing.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We are all tought this moral in our childhood very well, but how many of us have a friend who always proved it to be true..
No matter what the figure is, but yes it is one for sure.. the Roll No 24..
Though he never attended classes on time but always came first when it was the matter of friendship.

No, he is not my neighbour..
he is Brother from another mother.. Puneet Pareek.

What is the best way to make friends or if I ask the best way to find your tribe in a new college..
I am sure, everyone of us will have a unique answer and for me and Puneet it was the bench, the bench where we started sharing our lunch together. He used to play “Kuch is Tarah a song of Atif Aslam” everytime we started the lunch and me who is a big fan of Hindi music made this thing helpful to find my ‘tribe’.

He is a fun making person and beware he can make fun of every person if he is on his own.
He used to make a graph of attendance and seriously it was highly precised graph which not only showed the attendance but also would tell you the number of leaves could be taken then.

One can expect a call for mass bunk after a week long running regular classes but what if the very first day of week you get a call asking for mass bunk..!!


Yes.. these weird expression must be the reply.. what usually I used to get when Puneet consistently called me every night in a four year long graduation course. As I was the CR of the class so it was the matter of my consideration and the only matter causing me and Puneet in a deep arguments😲.

Once Puneet and me with some other friends ordered chilli potatoes at one of our friend’s room.

In friendship friends will sacrifice their life for you but if you ask for the payment of the order they can take yours too 🤑.

So it was obvious nobody was alone going to pay the bill and finally we came to a conclusion that everyone would share equal amount of bill and hence we contributed equally. Now the hot and spicy chilli potatoes were in front of us. Here hot means really so hot.
And what I got to see there.. Puneet started eating the potatoes without even getting them cold..
Oh my god ..!!
It’s really ok to have a ‘bhukkad’ friend in a gang but a friend without heat sensors is really terrific, horrendous ,macabre whatever..
We all contributed in equal share but the man left us in lurch. And since then we never ordered such things again, literally.

This is how Puneet is or I would say every friend is but what makes him different from others is his way of friendship.

I remember the date well, it was March 9, 2017. My father diagnosed with lung cancer. It is not a easy thing to handle for anyone, obviously. And it also shooked me from inside. The first whom I called from my contacts was Puneet who was driving at that time with his father.
He picked up the call and said hello..
No voice from this side as I was managing myself to speak out but couldn’t and burst in tears.
He asked me, “what happened Akshay, tell me.” And somehow I managed to describe him the matter. He didn’t wait for a second to know anything else and said, “I am coming there, you don’t weep”
He handed over the car to his father and came to meet me without wasting any minute with the third A of our squad Ankur.
Though it couldn’t improve my father’s health but did a majestic work which made me enough stronger to fight with that deadliest desease.

He didn’t come at home but asked me to come out and meet him. The reason behind this was not to show my father as if he was ill or suffering from something dangerous desease as he didn’t know about that. I asked him to come and meet parents as well but he didn’t.
Many people believe in showing but this man didn’t do that which make him more senseful and a real friend.

From that day to the day when I lost my father and even after that he was always there to support me, back me in every adverse condition. A friend stood like a brother calling me over and over again to know my father’s condition and offered his helping hand to me.
He took the friendship to the another level. I can’t describe all his efforts to save me, my family and my father in those hard faught days in this single post. Though I lost my father but I feel lucky to have a friend cum brother like him.

Friendship is not just a thing that we enjoy in our good days, it is something for sure that gives us the strength to fight with the odd days as well. Family is not just about blood, it is something who is going to hold your hand when you need it the most. So you can get family away from home too as I got.
A person who stays always there for you when you need him the most, who promises to keep his promises forever, who picks you up when you fall, who even scolds you whenever needed, who sticks to you when noone else will,
is nobody but only a
Brother From Another Mother..

You stood like nobody did. I know thanks is not enough and can’t do the justice but sincerely thank you.. Roll No. 24.. for always being there..

Do tell me how did you like it.. please comment below and yes aren’t you going to shake your hands with me.. please follow my blogs to walk this journey together..

It’s never the end..

to be continued..
Thank you..✍️



She asked, pointing towards my best friends,
“Who are they..?”

I replied smiling towards my friends..

Actually it’s not what we have in our life, it’s who we have in our life that matters. Friendship, a word, around which my all life revolves. You know nothing is impossible in life if you have a right person to support you. And for me these are persons 😃 who stood by my side in all my even and odds, laughed with me, ate with me and of course faught with me🤣.
Literally selflessly caring someone is only possible in two relations on earth one is parents and second one friends.
Today I wanna tell u about one such person and this is Roll No 1 Abhinav ☺️.

It is really very strange how our journey of friendship started and today as we look each other I really wonder that once we have been stranger to each other..
We both were in our first year of graduation and in same class but very different to each other. In very first year of college he was on bunking the classes every day. He hardly had his attendence in class and I don’t know how but he managed to clear that 75% compulsory landmark. And me who was always regular in class how could we meet each other even having a very few gap between our Roll No’s (me was Roll No 4).
I was made class representative very soon and it was my duty to convey all the important stuffs to my all mates. But when I looked at him I was a bit confused how would l manage this guy..😆

Later on it was a painting exhibition in college. We were all had to visit the place where paintings were exhibited made by first year students. So our sir asked me to take the whole class there. I did the same. I stood outside letting everyone to walk in. There were two more boys present already of another class to take care of paintings and that all. It was their first year also and obviously responsibilities sometimes mistaken as power as one of them took it so. Due to more students outside the room I told my friends to move forward so that the remaining could enter in room.
The boy’s ego was hurt, he asked me, “who are you?” I read his gesture completely and replied it is not your business. He stood silent there but not calm actually. Then I also walked in to visit exhibition and the boy made a mistake he asked one of my class mate “who is he?”
And this man was Abhinav who threw back the question ” Who are you..??”
I was unaware about it as I was in the last corner of the exhibition, Abhinav with some more my class members clustered around that boy started quarrelling to him. After intervention of our sir situation could resolve. Meanwhile I also reached there and one of my friend took me to the class describing the matter.

We were in class now and a boy came to me asking, had you made anything wrong with him..abused him or anything such that??
I replied, No not at all.
“I knew it, you can’t do so. And that’s why I supported you. He asked me about you and I gave him the most appropriate answer” the boy said.
I was amazed this was the same roll no 1 whom I always thought that he would not be suitable for class, faught for me even without knowing me, totally surprised and later on this guy became my best of the best friends.
And that’s how our journey started following a lot of fun together with a lot of everlasting memories together and many more, even we made some of illegal things done also. I can’t mention them because it may be dangerous for both of us😆🤣.

In upcoming events of my life this guy played very special roles. And I learned
the strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation, friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when. Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in ur heart and become ur
So at the last but not least
This was about the roll no 1 some more are awaited..😃😃
Thank you..🖋️

It’s Time To Write..

Hey lovely persons out there..
Hand shake has always been the conventional method to start to conversations and seriously we never know where these lead us. This time even I don’t know what would I be talking about but seriously it is going to be the amazing journey.

By the way many times I fixed a meeting of my pen and paper at my desk to create something meaningful out from my busy dreamy mind but couldn’t synchronize my hands with the everlasting thoughts.

Actually writing is nothing but an art to provide a canvas to the thoughts of our baffled mind. And for me it has become compulsory to write it all out.

So it all took me to the another canvas, not paper this time. An another meeting of my fingertips to the touchpad of my phone on a wide platform ‘WordPress’.

Saying hello to this digital colony of millions of people out there and expressing gratitude in advance as you are all going to be with me in this unprecedented journey of reading and writing. I am in love with you people I never met and the cities i have never been to.

Yes of course it’s my first ever blog and seriously overwhelmed with the feeling of a new starting.
So thank you, keep smiling.
Stay tuned...